7-Eleven Kansas City, Missouri

We have built three 7-Eleven stores in Connecticut. The stores in Hartford and Meriden were all new construction, and the Glastonbury location was the result of our rehabilitation of an older building. We worked closely with 7-Eleven to design and construct three very different buildings to meeting 7-Eleven's unique needs in each of these markets.

Recently, we have just completed a 200 store renovation project. These projects were 5 to 6 day open remodel, with 24 hour work schedules. Renovations included, installing new floor, ADA renovation, interior and exterior work, walk-in coolers with new refrigeration, mechanical FRP and new equipment installation. We handled the customers shipment and warehousing on the equipment, as well and the delivery of equipment needed for each store.

We continue to provide comprehensive building maintenance services to 7-Eleven stores — we're always there when they need service — even if it's just to replace a ceiling tile.