Prefabricated Building Construction with Custom Quality and Service

Prefabricated building construction – when done correctly – can provide real cost and scheduling advantages, At Van Horst construction, our understanding of how factory built prefabricated building components and panels should come together insures your realize the construction predictability, time-efficiencies, and money-savings that pre-fabricated construction can deliver. We also are capable of implementing custom features and finishes so that the pre-fabricated building we construct look anything but prefabricated!

Our Pre-Fabricated building experience provides structurally sound advantages!

Right from the beginning of your prefabricated construction project, we'll work closely with you to ensure the final office space meets your vision, while also provide the many advantages associated with prefabricated building construction:

  • Cost-effective, per-square-foot prefabricated construction
  • Indoor assembly of elements increases work efficiency and avoids weather damage
  • Accurate materials lists ensure smooth project flow without delays or surprises
  • Tried and tested construction reduces waste.

Looking to have a prefabricated building erected and finished? Look to Van Horst - the experienced contractor for prefabricated building construction.