Insurance Repair and Construction rebuilding that insurers will approve

Insurance repair and construction by Van Horst makes getting the most from your commercial property claim a hassle-free, fair, and dependable process. Our considerable experience dealing with insurance claim construction gives us an edge when estimating and preparing whatever documentation needed to ensure your insurance-covered repairs are done quickly and correctly.

Working as your insurance repair expert, we have the experience and qualifications to identify repair needs, including hidden and possibly severe damage. Working as your commercial construction expert, we have the manpower and experience to make certain your repairs are done on time and according to specification.

  • We are familiar with working with adjusters and independent arbitrators for fast results.
  • For insurance claim repairs, we do all necessary to make certain your only cost is your deductible.
  • We appreciate how vital it is for businesses to be up and running in the shortest time possible, and can provide  emergency maintenance, temporary repairs, and construction if needed  while waiting for final authorization from your insurance company.

In need of insurance repairs for a commercial property?  Look to Van Horst - the leader in professional insurance-covered construction and repair.