Van Horst Commercial Construction and Maintenance- the preferred and trusted Commercial Contractor choice

A Commercial Contractor Dedicated to Superior workmanship.

Van Horst Commercial Construction and Maintenance was founded in 1985 on a sound business principal: always provide superior-quality, dependable commercial construction service. As we have grown in strength over the years, we have expanded our ability to provide customized, highly capable workmanship well beyond our headquarters in Connecticut. Today, construction clients throughout New England -- and in fact the entire country - can realize the professional “job-done-right” advantages that Van Horst consistently delivers.

Turnkey Commercial Construction to fit your needs, your schedule, and your budget.

Our diverse construction and management capabilities provide true turnkey solutions for new commercial construction needs. Our client-first approach begins with a clear understanding of scheduling and deadlines. If needed, we will work around your business hours so that your productivity is not affected by construction. This positioning as a true project partner has made Van Horst a preferred and trusted commercial contractor for time-and budget-sensitive building renovation, elegant office remodeling, retail and restaurant build-outs, medical suite construction, government building construction, industrial construction, and more.

Commercial Maintenance for Professional and Retail Buildings

We also offer ongoing support through Van Horst Commercial Maintenance services. A variety of service options provide important on-call building maintenance that guarantees quick, reliable response for routine repairs, as well as dedicated support for unexpected and emergency repairs.